Affiliate Partners Wanted


* Currently, only Japanese is supported.

Would you like to introduce T’z Products by linking from your site (homepage, blog, SNS, etc.)?

There is no cost to participate.
The process is simple, so you can start easily.

When a user who has seen your site accesses the T’z Products site via your site and purchases a product, you can earn an affiliate reward.

The reward rate is set at 5% for the site renewal campaign, and because of the high-priced products, the reward amount is at a high level.
For example, if the flagship model is sold, you can earn a reward of 12,500 yen with a product price of 250,000 yen (excluding tax) x reward rate of 10%.


Flow of Affiliate Use


Please register an account from this URL.

Registration is free and simple with only email address and password settings.
Please proceed with the settings according to the procedure that will be sent later.

The affiliate system we use is affitch.
You can check the details such as the usage manual from this URL.

②Set up a link

Please place the dedicated link obtained in the affiliate system on your blog, SNS, website, etc.
You are welcome to use the photos posted on our website for product introduction.

③Earn rewards

When a customer who accessed from the installed link purchases a product from T’z Products, you can earn a success reward of 10% of the purchase amount (excluding tax).

Reward payment is by bank transfer, and the payment due date is the end of the month following the payment application.
You can also check the details from this URL.

*If the orderer cancels the product, returns it, refuses to accept it, etc., the reward will be invalidated.
*Outlet and other special price products are not eligible.


What is Affiliate?

Affiliate is a system where you introduce specific products and services on your blog, SNS, website, etc., and when sales occur from that introduction, you earn a reward.
By expressing the goodness of products and services in your own words, anyone can earn a reward.