Q. Can I purchase from outside Japan?

Yes, we do accommodate international shipping for personal imports and personal use.
However, please note that our products are primarily designed for the Japanese market, so there are some points to be aware of (e.g., voltage compatibility, additional costs).
Please make sure to read and understand the contents of this link, and check the checkbox on the cart page before making your purchase.
If we cannot confirm your agreement, we may contact you via email after your order.

Q. How can I purchase additional springs?

If you wish to purchase additional springs, please contact us through the inquiry form.
Price will be 4,400 yen per item (tax included, shipping not included, various discounts not applicable).

Q. The watch doesn't wind up

Is the setting time appropriate?
Watches with hardened rotors may take time to wind up or may not wind up.
Please overhaul the watch

Q. It doesn't operate even if I press the start switch

Is the power plug plugged into the outlet?
Is the operation time display lamp 1 lit?
If the power plug is securely plugged in and the operation time display lamp 1 does not light up, it is considered a blown fuse.
Please send it for repair.

Q. I think it suddenly slows down, speeds up, or vibrates during rotation

Is the watch attached to the center of the spring?
This machine is designed to rotate quickly to the right and slowly to the left. (Excluding TMW00)
Due to the inertia of the watch, there may be fluctuations in speed and vibration due to the backlash (play) of the gears, but there is no problem with the watch or the winding effect.

Q. It makes a booming sound but doesn't operate

The gear inside the motor is broken. Please send it for repair. 

Q. When I tried to attach the watch, it was operating and I couldn't attach it

Press STOP to stop, then attach and press START to operate. The setting will not change.

Q. I can't change the settings

Did you press the RESET switch?
Please press RESET and then set again.

Q. The operation of the winder, such as Auto Mode, seems abnormal. What should I do?

Please press the RESET switch and reconfigure the settings.
Check if the winder operates at the same time 24 hours later.
If it starts operating 24 hours later, it is not a malfunction.

Q. I want to repair my watch winder.

Please contact us through the inquiry form.