User Manual

《Operation Part Description》

Watch Winder Operation Part Description

TIME: Set the operating time (1-4 hours)
START: Start operation
STOP: Stop operation
RESET: Cancel the setting
Operation lamp (green): Lights up during operation
Operating time display lamp (red): When the power is turned on, the lamp for 1 (1 hour) lights up, and each time you press the TIME switch, the lamp for 2, 3, 4 lights up, and you can change the operating time.


《Name of each part》

Names of each part of the watch winder

※ Please always attach the protective ring when not attaching a watch.

Important: If you change the size of the spring or if the spring mounting bolt loosens while you are using it, please tighten it with a 2mm hex wrench (not included).


《How to Use》

① Please firmly plug the power plug into the outlet.

② Remove the protective ring and attach the watch. It is easier to attach and remove the watch by putting your finger in the ring on the inside of the watch attachment spring and making the spring smaller.

③ Press the TIME switch to set the operating time. (It usually winds up in 2-3 hours)

④ Press the START switch. (It will start operating at the same time every day)

⑤ If you want to change the operating time or the operating time, press the RESET switch and set it again. If you do not press it, you cannot reset it.

【Setting example】 If you want to operate for 2 hours every night at 8 o'clock
Plug the power plug into the outlet, attach the watch, press the TIME switch once, confirm that the operation time display lamp 2 is lit, and press the START switch at 8 o'clock at night.


《How to Attach a Watch》

How to attach a watch to the watch winder

① Shrink the watch attachment spring with your fingers.

② Attach the watch.

③ Check if the watch is in the center of the spring.

《Relationship of the Position of the Watch Attachment Spring》

Relationship of the position of the watch attachment spring of the watch winder

This product is designed to idle when force is applied from the outside during operation, but there may be interference with the watch depending on the position of the spring.
In that case, all products except TMW01 need to align the position of the spring so that the watches do not interfere with each other.
Please align the position relationship of the watch attachment spring as shown in the photo below.
(To align, hold the other spring lightly with your hand so that it does not move, do not pull it, and slowly turn the spring to align the position relationship.)

《Other Points to Note》

① During operation, the watch attachment platform rotates, so be careful not to bring your hand close.

② Be sure to securely attach the watch to the center of the watch attachment spring, check that it does not come off, and then operate.

③ If you forcibly stop the rotation, such as removing the watch during operation, or place something that stops the rotation, the gears inside the motor will start to chip and the life of the motor will be significantly shortened. Please be absolutely sure not to do so. Also, even when stopped, if you carelessly turn the watch attachment spring, it will break in the same way.

④ Only one watch can be attached to one watch attachment platform, and do not attach anything weighing more than 300g.

⑤ During use, the bolt attaching the watch attachment spring may loosen and the watch may rattle. Please tighten it with a 2mm T-shaped hex wrench. (Not included)

⑥ If you do not use it or if you operate it without attaching a watch, please always attach the included protective ring.

⑦ This machine is assembled with complex parts such as gears, so please do not disassemble it.

⑧ When using, please install it in a stable place horizontally and make sure that the power cord does not get in the way.

⑨ This machine may have fluctuations in the watch platform, uneven rotation, etc. due to the weight of the watch, gear meshing, balance, etc., but there is no problem with operation and it is not a failure, so please rest assured.

⑩ The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. Warranty cards without entries and stamps such as "Name of the store・Date of purchase" are invalid, so please check at the time of purchase. *Failure due to damage to the reduction gear inside the motor is not covered by the warranty.

⑪ For maintenance, please wipe gently with a tightly wrung soft cloth.

⑫ If you feel any abnormalities such as sound, heat, or vibration during operation, please stop operation immediately, unplug the power plug from the outlet, and contact us.

⑬ Please avoid using it in places with dust, high humidity, heating appliances, places where the temperature rises, and near products that carry magnetism such as televisions. It will adversely affect not only this machine but also the watch.

Please understand the correct usage and use it safely without any accidents. In addition, if it breaks down due to incorrect usage, we cannot accept warranty repairs, so please understand the usage thoroughly.


《Watch Attachment Spring Size Chart》

The displayed size is the arm circumference size including the watch body, and the standard product is equipped with M size.
S / L size is optional.
S size: about 13.0-16.5cm
M size: about 14.5-18.0cm
L size: about 16.0-19.5cm

*The above sizes are reference values. Please make sure that the size is appropriate for your watch.
When using with the maximum size, there is a risk that certain types of watches may fall off, e.g., slippery bracelet types, golden watches, and large/heavy watches.
Please check with us before purchasing.

Material: Stainless spring steel coated with resin. Wrist part is made of duralumin.

*Photo shows S size

If you would like to purchase additional springs,
please send an email to

Price will be 4,400 yen per item (tax included, shipping not included, various discounts not applicable).


《If you think it's a failure, what should you do?》

Q. The watch doesn't wind up

Is the setting time appropriate?
Watches with hardened rotors may take time to wind up or may not wind up.
Please overhaul the watch

Q. It doesn't operate even if I press the start switch

Is the power plug plugged into the outlet?
Is the operation time display lamp 1 lit?
If the power plug is securely plugged in and the operation time display lamp 1 does not light up, it is considered a blown fuse.
Please send it for repair.

Q. I think it suddenly slows down, speeds up, or vibrates during rotation

Is the watch attached to the center of the spring?
This machine is designed to rotate quickly to the right and slowly to the left. (Excluding TMW00)
Due to the inertia of the watch, there may be fluctuations in speed and vibration due to the backlash (play) of the gears, but there is no problem with the watch or the winding effect.

Q. It makes a booming sound but doesn't operate

The gear inside the motor is broken. Please send it for repair.

Q. When I tried to attach the watch, it was operating and I couldn't attach it

Press STOP to stop, then attach and press START to operate. The setting will not change.

Q. I can't change the settings

Did you press the RESET switch?
Please press RESET and then set again.