Outlet Products

Outlet products are available in discounted prices.
Outlets include products that have been exhibits, rentals, slightly damaged, etc. Although they cannot be sold as normal products, some are in good condition that it may even be difficult to tell the difference.
They cannot be refunded but come with one-year warranty in case of any issues.
Please kindly refer to our mail order terms for more information.

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[Outlets stocks]

All the outlet products are 50% discounted from standard retail price (tax included, shipping fee not included).

Product name Stock quantity
Outlet price
137.500 yen
TMW01 0
33,000 yen
TMW02 0
41,250 yen
TMW03 0
52,250 yen
TMW04 0
77,000 yen
TMW05 0
88,000 yen
 *Note that outlet items are excluded from other discount services.