Why you need a watch winder

What is an automatic watch winder/winding machine?

Mechanical watches automatically measure time by piriodically winding the mainspring coiled by the spin of the rotor, triggered by the wearer’s body movement if worn frequently. If not moved enough, this function will stop. Watch winder is a convenient machine to ensure precision of your timepieces, stimulating the rotor with rotation movements by simply setting the watches on.  Serving as an interior object on its own, it enables easy maintenance while showcasing the beauty of your watch collections.



Why is it necessary to move mechanical watches daily with a winder?

We believe that the art and value of mechanical watches are in their function to measure time precisely. This function will however be interrupted if your lifestyle does not require you to wear or move the watches enough, especially when you have multiple collections. In such case, it could be time consuming not only to wind the spring manually but to adjust the calendar as well. Indeed, more use can eventually cause wear and tear on the internal parts, but the level of consumption is very minor. Owing them dormant due to such reason seems to impair the watches’ real value without presenting their functional beauty.



Would overhaul still be necessary?

Whether your watch is kept in motion or not, degeneration of the oil and parts over time is inevitable, regardless of the parts being consumed. Therefore, it is important to disassemble the watch every few years to check the parts, amend the clock errors, and add fresh oil. Watch winders serve to automatically wind the mainspring to constantly keep the watches in motion, but do not amend errors, thus overhaul of the watch itself is necessary to measure time correctly. 



Message from our technician

Through our main business in manufacturing precise industrial machinery, we know from experience that, when it comes to using equipment kept unused for a while, they often do not work properly. Delicate equipment such as precise machines, automobiles, and watches only run smoothly due to the gears being adjusted by slight wear caused by constant movement. To keep your special watches in good condition, we believe it is important to maintain them daily using a watch winder and to perform overhaul every few years.