For Customers Ordering from Overseas

[Important: Please Read Carefully]

When ordering or using our products from outside Japan, there are some important points to confirm.
Please be sure to kindly read and understand the following notes (1) through (5).

Note (1)

Please use a transformer to ensure the voltage is 100V.

Our products are primarily designed for use in Japan, and their operation has only been confirmed with a 100V input.
Therefore, when using our products outside of Japan, please adjust the voltage to 100V using a transformer.
Using a voltage higher than 100V can cause overheating, malfunction, and unsafe operation, so please be careful.

Note (2)

Our products are not for resale.

Since our products are primarily intended for domestic sale in Japan, they may not comply with regional standards (such as CE in Europe, UL in the US).
Each area has its own requirements, so please check and understand the regulations in your area before purchasing.
Therefore, transactions are limited to personal import and use by the purchaser, and cannot be resold.

Note (3)

Any customs duty or other fees incurred must be borne by the purchaser.

Depending on the regulations of the delivery area, customs duties, customs usage fees, and other charges may apply. In such cases, these costs will be borne by the purchaser. (e.g., U.S. shipments under $800 are duty-free, Swedish shipments are duty-free if categorized as made in Japan, etc. *This may vary case by case and is for reference only.)
Since these decisions are made randomly upon import, please understand that it is difficult for us to provide specific details.
We may be able to assist in looking up information from relevant Japanese authorities, so please feel free to contact us.

Note (4)

The price listed on the invoice may differ from the actual payment amount.

In case of damage during shipping, we insure the product considering various costs including round-trip shipping fees. Therefore, please understand that the price listed on the shipping invoice may differ from the actual amount paid.

Note (5)

Generally, only one item can be shipped to the same address.

Since this transaction is a form of personal import by the purchaser, we generally limit shipments to one item per address.
However, there are cases where we can accommodate multiple items, so if you wish to purchase more than one, please feel free to contact us.