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TMW01 Standard Model - for a single watch

TMW01 Standard Model - for a single watch

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Standard Model - for a single watch

Dimensions: W 133mm x D 153mm x H 176mm (When attaching a watch, the depth and height will increase by the size of the watch.)

Weight: 0.95kg

Motor: NIDEC synchronous servo motor (100V input 1.5W no-load current 15mA or less)

Operation: Repetition of 20 seconds forward rotation, 1 second pause, 20 seconds reverse rotation, 1 second pause. The watches rotate 5 times in 20 seconds (6 times in 60Hz region)

Functions: Winds a single watch. 4 stages of operation time settings from 1 to 4 hours. Daily mode (automatic operation every day at the set time)

Material: All duralumin (anodized finish)

Color: Silver

Covering material: Embossed black leather

Power supply: AC100V dedicated microcomputer control
*The power supply for this product is designed to be used in Japan. When using outside Japan, please be sure to use a down transformer.

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